PRE-ORDER: Of Man And Machine (VINYL)

  • PRE-ORDER: Of Man And Machine (VINYL)

We are currently accepting pre-orders for our first ever vinyl release!
This will be an exclusive limited edition run. \m/

Please note:
We want to make this right, and not just "a digital transfer to vinyl" - so we're getting a proper remaster of the album to fit the format.

The cost however for doing this and pressing vinyl is substantial for us, so we can only supply this product if enough people pre-order the album on vinyl.

Please note - In the odd case we won't be able to do the pressing, a full refund will of course be given.


Come Armageddon!

Swedish groove death metal combo CHUGGER has once again worked together with the renowned Studio Fredman (Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames to name a few) to produce CHUGGER's sophomore full length album. The dystopian themed OF MAN AND MACHINE is served on a thick bed of guitars, knee breaking bass and bone crushing vocals, all built upon a rhythm foundation that takes absolutely no prisoners! Artwork and 8-page full color booklet created by The Iron Parasite (Stephen Lindsay).

OF MAN AND MACHINE is scheduled for digital release on April 24th under Wormholedeath. Physical release TBA.

Track listing:

01 Turning Point
02 Pigs To Slaughter
03 Flatline
04 The Algorithm
05 Beg, Burn, Fear
06 Polaris
07 The Icarian Fall
08 Hollow Lies
09 The Demons In Me

Type: VINYL, full-length.
Release date: Digital April 24th. Physical TBA
Catalog ID: WHD20